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    Professionalism and
    Personal Dedication
    Reliable Selection, High Quality Beef Products,
    Taylor Made Production.
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    Quality, Animal Welfare
    and Food Safety Compromise
    Completly control procedure under exclusive and unique product selection protocol.
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    The Value of
    the Excellence
    Frigorífico General Pico S.A. provides local and
    export market with high quality beef.

The Company

Firgorífico General Pico S.A. is a family company of national capitals with vast experience in the meat industry. It is a medium sized Plant, in the process of expansion.

Frigorífico General Pico has two production plants located in the cities of General Pico (Plant Nr 2531) and Trenel (Plant Nr 2792) both located in the middle of the so-called Humid Pampa in the BEST PRODUCTIVE ZONE OF LIVESTOCK in the country which is the largest reservoir in the world of the best British beef breeds Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.

  • 7 Generation in the meat business.
  • More than 65 years of experience in the local meat packing industry.
  • More than 850 customers.
  • 420 employees.


New Brand Ohra Pampa

Commitment to Quality

Complete control of the selection and classification process

Strict Control

Livestock, Slaughter process, Chambers, Deposits and Dispatch


Selection Platforms and Commercial Classification throughout the entire process


Technology and HR applied to the selection

Selection System

It allows working with pre-established classifications

Reliable selection of high quality products.

We supply the local and export market with specially selected high quality beef.